Black Key Designs



  • Jenny Balsamo Photography

    Jenny and BKD have been producing content together since 2002. Grant and Jenny were married in 2007 and keep an active working relationship on the side.

  • Snakebird Studios

    Snake and BKD have been collaborating on sites since 2008, (including the one you're on,) and have a very good compatibility for creating ANYTHING the client can envision for their web presence.

  • Kevin Radford Photography

    Kevin Radford is an exceptionally talented photographer who specializes in stock and wedding photography. He's as versatile as he is a pleasure to work with.

  • Image 52 Media

    Formed in 2009, Image 52 is somewhat of a 'sister' company to BKD.

  • Fusebox Funk / Extra Medium Productions

    The Pheonix of EMP grew from the ashes of, musical group, Fusebox Funk's original corporation. This new incarnation of the group's business provides more than ample opportunity for BKD to create endlessly.

  • Black Hawk Entertainment

    One of BKD's more recent partners; Black Hawk Entertainment produces concerts, festivals and promotional materials in the panhandle of Florida.

  • Puzzle Smart Studios

    One of the finest tracking, mixing and mastering facilities in Northeast Florida; Puzzle Smart provides a staggeringly high quality standard for any musical project they work with. From J. Dash and Fusebox Funk to Johnny Cakes & the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypso, PS knows their trade!

  • Jester Diablo Designs

    A close friend of BKD, this artist has done much collaborative work with Fusebox Funk and The Architect Sound. Not only does his work speak for itself, but JDD's professionalism is unrivaled.

  • Ashley Earles-Bennett

    Another close friend of BKD, Ashley is a "Renaissance Woman" of the highest caliber and could definitely claim to have infused BKD with much of the techniques practiced today...


  • Endo Exo

    BKD has been producing concerts and promtional material for this Jacksonville club since it opened in 2005. Located in the San Marco area of town, it seduces it's guests by providing an upscale enviroment to have a great time.

  • Mossy Headz Music Festival

    BKD has been working on this Music Festival's artwork since 2007. As their moniker states that are "Quite simply, serving music."

  • J. Dash

    The myth, the legend, the musical force of "Godfather Don Dash" cannot be stopped or topped. Undoubtedly one of the most talented cats in the rap game these days, J. Dash is bound for greatness.

  • Cary the Label Guy

    It isn't often a bass player can stand on his own personal accomplishments outside of a group. Luckily for CTLG, he has both. Cary endorses Warwick Basses, Gallien-Kruger cabinets and Snapjack cables.

  • Dr. Concussion

    This nutcase of a songwriter has been playing music for many years in Northeast Florida. His combination of blues with any other style of music always leads to a good time.

  • The Architect Sound

    This up and coming music group based out of Jacksonville, FL has maintained a very professional aesthetic right from the beginning of the band. Their first album "Swallow the Key" is available on iTunes now.

  • Matt Grondin/Inca Maya

    Matt and BKD have been friends dating back many years, but became professionally involved with his band Inca Maya. Matt is a top notch audio producer and shockingly talented musician based now in New Orleans.

  • Black Drum

    This bizarro group of hipsters needed a producer to record an album and came to BKD to do it. Check out the "Spitfire Formula" on sale soon.